Sunday, 4 May 2014

Matisse-y Mini-Baskets

In yesterday's blogpost, I told you about my wonderful visit to the Matisse Cut-Outs super show at Tate Modern. Today I am channelling my inspiration and making stuff: organic shapes, Hawaiian-quilt motifs,
bright colours. The result: these easy-make mini-baskets. They make fun party favours. See how the basket handle is a pretty drinking straw? You can use the remaining straws in the pack for your party drinks -  co-ordinates the tabletop look!

Matisse's Cut-Outs are nearly always tropical colours on a white background, so I'm being true with my colourway.

Here are your free downloads:


Matisse-y Mini-Baskets

To make up:

1 Cut out the pattern pieces and score the folds. Use an embossing tool held against a small metal ruler. 

2 Crease the folds. Use a bone folder.

3 Stick the Side Panel Liners in place on the inside of the basket. You can either glue them with tacky PVA glue or use d/s tape. Make sure the holes are perfectly aligned.

4 Fold up the basket sides. Glue the side panel flaps inside the decorative panels. 

5 Next, fold down and glue the top flaps of the decorative panels.

6 On the inside of the basket, stick on the front and back liners. You may have to trim them slightly to fit.

7 Time to attach the handle. Cut a 9cm (3-1/2in) length of drinking straw. To make the basket handle, simply insert it through the top holes in the side panels. You may have to ease the holes so the straw fits through - simply twirl a pencil round to widen if required. 
(Have you noticed that there are lots of lovely decorative paper drinking straws around? I'm impressed. And lots of crafty possibilities....)

8 The basket is finished apart from the gift tag. I like to tie it to the handle with a piece of Baker's Twine - picks up the spiral pattern of the straw.

Oh yes - the font on the gift tag is Simply Glamorous (the handwritten look goes well with the shapes) which I got from