Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Paper Patchwork Baskets

Paper Patchwork baskets today. Choose from Hankie-Point or Hex-Top. These simple-to-make containers are custom-designed to fit the patchwork blocks on the Hot Off The Press Paper Patchwork 2 template:
(Or, you can use the freebie bonus shapes that I've given you - hexagon block below, other shapes in yesterday's post. I didn't think that it was fair to give you my containers without being able to complete them properly if you didn't have the plastic template. Having said that, the HOTP Paper Patchwork templates feature some all-time classic patchwork blocks!)

Here are your freebies:



Same handle for both basket shapes!

Your freebie hexagon block.

Paper Patchwork Baskets

Both baskets are made in the same way. They differ only in the shape at the top of each side.

To make up:
1. Make the layered patchwork blocks.

2. Cut out the basket pieces. For each basket you need two body/base pieces and a handle. Score and crease the folds.

3. Glue a patchwork block onto the top of each basket side. Turn one basket body/base piece 90 degrees. Place it on top of the other body/base piece and glue the bases together. Next, glue the adjacent basket sides.

4. Carefully pierce a handle hole on opposite sides of the basket. Attach the handle with brads, handle ends placed inside the basket.

All done. Enjoy your paper patchwork baskets. They are ideal for gift-giving if lined with a square of tissue paper. Lined with a paper napkin, they make fun containers for party snacks, like totilla chips.
By the way, if you enjoy historical novels, The Last Runaway, by Tracy Chevalier features patchwork quiliting aplenty. Tracy Chevalier always writes so well about women and their handiwork, whether their craft is a hobby or a vocation.