Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Matisse-y Mini Gift Bags and Boxes

Still channelling inspiration from the Matisse Cut-Outs exhibition. I thought I'd hurry up and post these mini gift bags and boxes because they might come in handy as gift packaging for (American) Mother's Day surprises. 

I tried my hand at creating an allover print - I enjoyed the challenge.
Note that on the bag flap, there's a pic of a straight pin "holding" the leaf motif in place - this is crafty homage to Matisse's "pin it in place to position it" method of working.

These are easy to make - basic bag, basic box - so no how-tos. Just print them out, cut them out, fold, and assemble.

Here are your printables:


Tab closure on bag bottom.
How to close the box top: fold sides consecutively, tuck the last one in.