Sunday, 25 May 2014

Paper Patchwork Octo Box

An 8-sided paper patchwork box for you today - the last in my series of paper patchwork gift boxes and baskets. There's a patchwork block on each side of the box. On the lid, you have one whole block and four half blocks. It's a pretty big box - you could fit a cake inside (or lots of crafty goodies). 

The patchwork blocks featured are all taken from my new HOTP Paper Patchwork 2 template:
You make up the 2-1/2in square layered patchwork blocks and glue them onto the box sides. Easy - and much quicker than you imagine.
The patchwork blocks make up in no time because they have a secret:
they are linked - and layered:
Enough of the pep talk, here's the Octo Box:


Paper Patchwork Octo Box

1 Cut out the box pieces: box lid and 8 sides, box base and eight sides. Score and crease the folds. Be careful not to mix up the box lid and base - they are of slightly different dimensions (the lid, must of course, be bigger than the base). Might be a good idea to make a small pencil mark on the wrong side of the lid. For a super-patchwork lid, you can cut the lid sides out of differently-coloured paper (little point doing this on the box base because the patchwork blocks conceal the cardstock underneath).

2 Cut out and make the patchwork blocks. You need eight for the box sides and three for the box lid (two of the same pattern - these are cut in half and surround the centre block).

3 Glue the patchwork blocks onto the box parts. Use tacky PVA glue.

4 Next, glue the lid sides onto the lid and the box sides onto the base.

5 To assemble the lid and box bottom, fold the sides up and glue the adjacent tabs. Then fold the flaps to the inside, gluing the edges in place. Your box is now finished.

For a luxurious finish, you can line and decorate the box lid and/or the box base. 

That concludes my paper patchwork container-making extravaganza. Check out all the other boxes and baskets that I have featured over the past blogweek. They are all serviceable containers in their own right, even if you don't choose to decorate them with paper patchwork.
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