Saturday, 24 May 2014

Paper Patchwork: Hexagonal Containers

Two variations of one container shape today - choose from a hexagonal box or a pail with a linked handle. When I made the Rounded Square BasketI had to piece the handle because it was too big for the A4 cardstock. So - I've come up with a solution - a fun-to-link handle (you may have seen leather belts constructed in this way).

The patchwork blocks decorating the box are taken from my new HOTP template,  Paper Patchwork 2:
The flower basket motif on the pail is a freebie from me. Get it here:
And here are your Hex Box templates:


Hexagonal Paper Patchwork Box
1 Cut out the box pieces: box lid and six sides, box base and six sides. Score and crease the folds. Be careful not to mix up the box lid and base pieces, because they are of slightly different dimensions (the lid, of course, must be slightly larger than the box bottom in order to fit on top). It is a good idea to make a pencil mark inside the lid, to identify it. You can, of course, cut out the lid sides in different colours of cardstock to accentuate the patchwork effect (no point doing that for the box base, as the sides are mostly concealed with the patchwork blocks).

2 Cut out and make the patchwork blocks. You need six for the box sides, and one to decorate the lid. If you want to decorate the inside of the lid and box base, then you need two more! (Remember - the patchwork blocks are quick and easy to make because they are created by layering joined shapes - no teeny, tiny fiddle pieces.)

3 Score and fold the box lid and base pieces. Glue the patchwork blocks in place. Use tacky PVA glue applied with a cocktail stick. Here's how the box lid and base look with the blocks glued in place:
The right side of the box base faces the inside of the box .

4 To assemble the lid and box bottom, fold the sides up and glue the adjacent flaps. Then fold the top flaps to the inside and glue them down - you only need a thin line of glue along the inside bottom of each flap.
If you want, you can glue liners onto the box lid interior and outside the base to conceal the construction flaps (depends on whether you are are box-making perfectionist).

Hexagonal Paper Patchwork Pail

The pail is made in the same way as the hexagonal box bottom. The pail side pattern piece is slightly shorter because you don't need extra height on top to accommodate the box lid. Since the pail is open-topped, I always add a liner with a patchwork block decoration inside. You can decorate the bottom, too - it might be visible when you are carrying the pail:

The big diff is the fun-to-make linked handle. Here's how to do it:
1 Cut 18 links (9 blue gingham, 9 pink gingham) and two end tabs.

2 Fold each link in half widthwise, then open it out and fold the link lengthwise.
Lengthwise to pass through.
3 Insert the folded link through the triangular hole of the previous link. Once the link is through, open it out and re-fold the widthwise fold. This will require a bit of paper manipulation - bend the top of the previous link to enlarge the work space. You'll soon get the knack. Build up the chain, alternating link colours.
Back to horizontal-fold for linking.
4 Pass an end tab through the first and last links in the chain:
Punch an 1/8in hole on opposite sides of the pail (use a hand-held circle punch). Attach the handle to the pail with brads.

That concludes todays hex box project. We still have an Octo box to go in the Paper Patchwork Containers series. Stay tuned.

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Have a fun and productive crafty weekend!