Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Paper Patchwork Basket: Rounded Square

Yesterday's paper patchwork baskets were a cinch - so I'm ramping things up just a little bit today. These rounded square basket shapes are very pleasing. They are not difficult to make - just make sure that you accurately position the sides when you glue them onto the basket base. It takes eight paper patchwork squares to make up the basket circumference.

The squares on these baskets are from my HOTP Paper Patchwork 2 template:
If you don't yet have the template, then any 2-1/2in paper patchwork block will fit (I gave you three in Monday's post).

Here are your basket files:


The first template has the basket base and sides. You need to cut two side panels. The lines on the pattern pieces show how to position the paper patchwork blocks.

The second template has the side panels (which have holes for the basket brads) and the handle. The handle is cut in two pieces because it won't fit onto a page of copier paper.

Here's how to make the basket:

Rounded-Square Basket

1 Cut out two basket front/back pieces, two basket side pieces, two handle pieces, and one basket base from cardstock. Score the folds and crease them.

2 Make eight paper patchwork blocks in the designs of your choice. Glue them onto the basket front/back and side pieces. 

3 Referring to the placement markings on the pattern template, glue the bottom tabs of the basket front/back and side pieces onto the basket base, like so:

Tip: before you attach the front/back panels, "prime" them so that they curve gently - simply shape them over the side of your hand.

4 Fold the basket sides up, then join the adjacent sides, making sure that the short tabs are inside the basket. Next, stick the short tabs down in the corners. Use a strong PVA glue - like tacky glue to secure the joins firmly. You can cut another basket base piece to conceal the construction flaps if you like to keep things tidy.

5 Handle: overlap the join by 2in (5cm) and glue. Camouflage the join with a decorative piece of paper. Carefully pierce brad holes through the patchwork blocks on the two side panels. Attach the handle with brads on the inside of the basket. 

All finished now:
The baskets would make great gift presentation packaging for balls of yarn - or patchwork fabrics.

Remember - paper patchwork containers all this week on the blog. Moving on to big boxes next. Stay tuned.