Friday, 9 May 2014

Scarf-Print Origami Paper


Today I have a collection of printable origami paper for you. Having designed my Matisse-y print, I wanted to get the most mileage out of it. These scarf-print origami papers are fun to play with - get folding and see where the design features fall. I just love engineered prints.

I've put two squares on a page for space economy, but of course, you can size them up or down as required. Ordinary, thin copier paper makes nice foldable sheets. Cut them out with a paper trimmer or a craft knife held against a metal straightedge (over a cutting mat). This is probably sacrilege to origami purists, but I cut my squares out with craft scissors because all the edges in my finished origami project (modular boxes) would be concealed.

Here are your printables:



What to make with your origami papers? Here are my "serving suggestions" (meaning pretty pics and no how-tos):
I had lots of fun making these modular origami boxes - a first for me. Each box is like a puzzle. The lid and the bottom are each made up of four ingeniously-interlocking pieces. Of course, a box lid must be a little bigger than the base to fit - it is amazing how the same size of paper is used to make structures of different sizes.

A few boxes in - easy when you know how (well, easier). Each side slides into a pocket on the adjacent edge. 

My book of instruction was Origami Boxes for Gifts, Treasures & Trifles, by Alexandra Dirk - an out-of-print-but-available used paperback from Sterling. I knew it would come in handy eventually! I was so fascinated by the process of making modular boxes that I plumped for a title by Tomoko Fuse, the guru of modular origami: Fabulous Origami Boxes. I haven't received this yet, but I am eagerly anticipating the book's arrival. Looks like it features a good variety of box shapes. (Links to both books on Amazon.)

If you are an origami novice, you can use the scarf print papers to make those tried-and-true beginner's projects: origami cups and pockets:
 Enjoy your bottomless supply of papers. Happy folding!