Sunday, 18 May 2014

Patchwork Block Gift Boxes

I just love paper patchwork - no seams to sew or fabric to fray, and I can play around with prints and plains and geometric configurations to my heart's content. Also a great way to use up odds'n'ends of paper.  

My second Paper Patchwork papercraft template has just come out from Hot Off The Press:
Paper Patchwork 2 template 7420 from Hot Off The Press, Inc.
The template has a new batch of quilt block patterns to make, each block sized about 2-1/2in square. If you think it looks like a lot of cutting - behold the secret of these "pieced" designs:
The design elements are attached, keeping cutting to a minimum and facilitating easy layering.

Okay, so now you've got a batch of very lovely paper patchwork blocks that you've whipped up in no time. What do you do with them besides make cards? That's where today's blog post comes in. In fact, in my next few posts, I'll be featuring a collection of boxes and baskets all made to fit 2-1/2in square paper patchwork blocks.

Today's project is Patchwork Block Gift Boxes. Why? Because I like puns and visual jokes. (Patchwork Blocks, geddit?) Also because they are easy to make and a useful size. The ribbon handles (trendy seam binding, actually) remind me of the handles on boxes of animal crackers. 

Here's are the Patchwork Block Gift Boxes:
And because I'm nice, I'm also giving you three free patchwork blocks:

The "stitching" is printed on the block components, so you can overprint them onto patterned paper, then cut them out.

Now for the how-tos:

Patchwork Block Gift Box

1. Cut out the box body and the lid and the base. Glue the lid and the base to the box body as indicated by the arrows. The tapered ends of the lid and the base are the gluing flaps. The notched ends are the closure flaps.

2. Score the folds and crease them.

3. Make six paper patchwork blocks and stick them onto the block faces, like so: 
The scored folds aid the positioning of the patchwork blocks. It looks best to have adjacent squares in contrasting colours. 

4. To assemble the box, join the side flap on the last block onto the first block - you've now got a cube.

5. Handle: carefully pierce holes through the patchwork blocks on opposite sides of the cube (location of holes is indicated on the template). Cut a piece of ribbon about 35cm (14in) long. Knot one end, thread the ribbon in a tapestry needle. Pass the ribbon through a hole, knot on the inside of the box. Thread the ribbon through the other hole, knot the ribbon on the inside and trim off the excess. Your Patchwork Block Gift Box is now complete.

Here's a coming attraction for the other paper patchwork containers I'll be featuring:

And here's a link to the original Hot Off The Press Paper Patchwork Template.